Github for code, Figma for design,
Typed for Documents

Have a single source of truth for your cross-functional

deliverables, tasks, and resources you need right now.

Where Typers are from

Share and Organize

Version Control &
Workflow Management

Deliverables created by each team go through numerous changes and updates due to internal and external feedback.
Share documents and organize them with a bird’s eye view.

Manage and Communicate

Task Management
& Comments

Document-related tasks and comments are difficult to handle in existing project management tools.
Have everything you need, right where you need it.

Search and Utilize

Unified Search &
Resource curation

With an increasing number of tools and channels, resources are naturally scattered everywhere. Typed brings them together. Utilize team-wide resources with just a click.

Access from anywhere

Knowledge Network

Building your own knowledge network is easy.
Generate backlinks to access the relevant documents and resources you need, no matter where they're saved.

More features that will give your work superpowers.


Kick-start your docs with an advantage with industry-proven structure.
Not any advantage, expert advantage.

Web Clipper

Save all web resources you need faster
and more organized through
our web extension.

Split Viewer

Stop Alt+Tabbing. Maximize your productivity by quickly referring to
all types of resources.


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Emma Dieterlen

For how long should I wait to get access?

Roberto Flores

I need this.


can't wait to try.

Dave C

This looks amazing. I hope you add Coda in addition to Notion.

Day Milovich

Your conception of Typed is very smart and beautiful. You should add Degoo and a private server as a document/file service. I want to be a beta tester of Typed. Thank you.