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The Worlds First Tool
Unify Research and Writing.

Write productively. Work Intelligently. Typed makes all processes from research to creating your document quick, easy yet with quality.
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Adopted by the most intelligent researchers. You're next.

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Save hours in collecting research sources you need for your creation.

No more folders. No more bookmarks. Save online resources and offline files, Articles, Webpages, Newsletters, Videos & more - just drag it, or click a button and all your resources become centralized and saved within your document. 

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All you need, all things to be done in one place

No more stress on alt-tabbing and scavenging for information. Typed provides the perfect environment for you to efficiently reference, highlight and save information of your research sources so that you can maximize focus and productivity when you’re working. 

Research should never be Re-searched. Everything you’ve created or used as resources in the past is automatically within arms reach. 

Both finding, and referencing the authentic information is key to sustainability of context in your writing. You may want to refer to a draft for your final publishment. Or refer to an excel file for your report. All done easily so that your flow of work is never disconnected. 

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Typed works for everyone.

Typed merges research and writing into a single activity by curating the information relevant to my writing. Not only is it time-saving and extremely easy to use, but it also dramatically improves my thought process by helping me connect the dots faster.

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Eamonn Carey

Managing Director of Techstars London

The Optimal Research Workspacefor you.

Start researching, collecting information and creating your perfect document.